Friday, June 10, 2011

In which I venture into Blog Land

So.  Here I am.  55 years old and venturing off into blog land.  Everyone else is doing it.  How hard can this be?  Cue silence.  You can hear a pin drop.

So.  Introduction.  55 years old.  Unemployed, well at least not working outside the home.  I do work, functioning as the personal concierge for numerous beasts, one or two with two legs and several more with four. 

So. Location.  Outside a small town in south central North Carolina.  Raeford is the Turkey Capital of the US.  Really.  There are more turkeys raised and processed here than anywhere else, or so they claim.  I do know there is a Turkey Festival that takes place every Spetember and that for the last 13 years, I have avoided making an appearance at the Fest. 

The main cast of characters in my life include my husband of almost 34 years, my almost 21 year old son, five horses, one pony, three house cats and a greyhound.  The equines are supposed to provide a diversion, the cats comfort and the greyhound love and affection.  Sometimes.